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The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper (13) 13, If you did not bring the blood that’s in the office fridge, do not touch the blood that’s in the office fridge. —The The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper (16) 16, The key to maintaining any relationship, whether it’s business or personal, is flexibility. You have to know how to The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire PDF book by Molly Harper (Half-Moon Hollow #3) Read Online or Free Download in ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks. Published in March 24th Read The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper (9) Page 9 Online novels for free. Read The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper (9) online free. 9 The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper (2) 2, Vampires have a very strong startle response. Try to stay calm. Imagine you’re working with a nervous cat strapped to a ... read more

I just need to stick around and finish up a few calls. I nodded and waved her off. I know what you want and what you need. No one is going to make you happier than I would. What was the office policy on using choke holds on coworkers? Vampires never do. What are you going to have in common? And then where will you be? The violent reaction inside my head frightened me. I wanted to hit Marty until my hands bled. I wanted to scream and shout every curse word I knew at him.

My office phone cord could be put to horrifying and creative use. Nothing would convince him that I was being honest with him or myself. Nonreaction was the best reaction. I just had to communicate that to my tensed muscles. I gave Marty an absolutely mirthless smile and picked up the receiver, turning my back to him. I kept myself busy with minutiae for a while. I caught up on paperwork and backed up files. I wrote a progress report for the regional manager, including glowing praise for Aaron and Jordan.

I also wrote a less luminary evaluation for Marty, but I was proud that I kept my comments limited to his incompetence and inability to finish his work.

At one point, I came back from the bathroom, and my usual peppermint mocha was waiting for me on my desk. Sammy must have taken pity on me on his last round through the office. I appreciated his thoughtfulness, but it was a bit muggy for coffee, so I neglected it in favor of finishing up more paperwork.

I took a few more calls from the West Coast offices about formatting issues. I was basically a model employee for almost an hour, eliminating errors wherever I could find them.

I tried to think of a potential negative result to prove the effectiveness. At this point, I really had nothing to lose, even if the search came back to me. If I was going to be fired for hoarding files, I was pretty sure it would have happened by now. And I only had a few weeks left at the Council. Screw it. The entire Renart line showed up in the results window. Jennifer Renart was the last living descendant of Pierre Linoge.

Her last-known address was listed in Half-Moon Hollow in Renart was local. I could find her. Hell, maybe Jane could use one of her not-quite-legal subscriptions to library databases to help me. I packed up my bag, grabbed my coffee, and drained it on the way out the door. A strange, bitter aftertaste had me wincing as I tossed the cup into a hallway wastebasket.

Maybe the milk had gone bad while I let it sit on my desk? Well, at least it would keep me awake on the drive home.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and checked my phone as I motored down the hallway. I would be glad later that I looked so busy and important when I ran into Nik. Well, plowed into him, was more like it, and nearly knocked him into the employee exit door. Because even if I was eager to find information to help him become uncursed, I was still a little pissed at him. In the movie version of this conversation, I would be played by a really young Cate Blanchett.

He nodded toward the door and held it open for me. I made every effort not to come within two feet of touching him, much less making eye contact. He moved silently at my left, staring through me as if I had the secret meaning of life tattooed on my neck. I finally found my car, clicked the keyless entry, and tossed my purse onto the passenger seat.

I held on to the door for a long moment, thinking very carefully about how I wanted the next few minutes to play out. I could get into my car and drive away. I would never see him again. But the lump in my throat kept me from saying anything.

I sank back against the car behind me, shaking off the waves of cold and dizziness that radiated through my head. But it stayed there, like a stone wedged in my windpipe. I coughed, clutching my neck. I wheezed, forcing myself to inhale deeply, just so I felt that I was getting some oxygen into my lungs. My eyes went wide, and I looked up to Nik. He cradled my elbows in his hands and let me down gently to the ground.

My lips started to tingle, and I felt so tired I just sank back onto the asphalt, boneless and weak. What was happening to me? The worst possibilities spun through my brain. A heart attack? Unlike the slick, soft-covered editions on the shelf, the book was old, battered, and bound in mottled blue linen.

The gold lettering was practically worn off the cover. Jane would consider this book gently loved. I opened it and scanned the pages, which listed the most prominent European magical families by country, how they started, and what they were up to at the time of the printing date.

It was sort of funny that this was basically the same thing we were doing for the vampires, just the old, dusty beta version. I would never ever let Jane hear me say such a thing.

A piece of information floated up to the surface of my brain. The Renart family was listed on page , and it merited several paragraphs:. Known for their memory charms and ability to persuade those around them through creative cursework, the Renarts lived quite comfortably in Haute-Normandie for generations.

Members of the family were rumored to have dabbled in necromancy toward the end of the eighteenth century, ostracizing them from the magick al community. The family moved to the Louisiana territory under enormous pressure from other magickal families and disappeared into the mundane populations of America. So the Renarts messed around with necromancy and got booted out of an entire continent. Somehow they were connected to this Linoge character and his violent outbursts.

Violent outbursts, memory issues. Had it happened here or while he was traveling? What were the parameters of the curse? Had Jennifer managed to shake her vampire tail and die a peaceful, unobserved death? What had happened to the last Renart? Jane carefully cleared her throat, peering over the top of the bookshelf at me while she stirred her bloodychino.

I want to do whatever we can to protect you. I arrived home a bit later to find Iris in full preparation for date night. She and Cal were going to try a new vampire-friendly dinner theater in Murphy. I was actually looking forward to having the place to myself for the evening, and not just because I felt so profoundly guilty for intruding on their marriage to the point where they had to schedule time together. There would be plucking, moisturizing, and exfoliating.

A lot of exfoliating. And yes, I had no right to be indignant when I had, in fact, lied to him about being with my coworkers when I was with Nik the night before.

I needed to check with Jane about. And I know it comes from a place of concern. I love you, and I appreciate that you want me to be safe. Cal wrapped his arms around my shoulders, resting his chin on top of my head.

I love you as much as any brother could. I worry for you every time you step out the door. But I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe, even if it makes you temporarily unhappy. And I forgive you for the embarrassment and unhappiness. There was a long moment of silence above my head, making me look up at my brother-in-law.

He was chewing on his lip and had a spacey trying-to-do-long-division-in-his-head expression on his face. I squirmed guiltily in his arms, because I was already chasing after a cure for Nik, and Iris was going to be upset with Cal any way he answered the question. And unlike Cal, I will apologize for making you unhappy.

I love you, too. Iris sprang back while Cal raised his arms. I am going to take a bath, indulge in total control over the TV, and catch up on some sleep. These night hours are really getting to me. Iris made a motherly clucking noise, cupping her hands under my chin so she could check for dark circles under my eyes. Well, enjoy your vegging. I have lip gloss to apply. She strolled across the slick polished floor with far more grace than I could imagine in my lifetime.

Cal, I noticed, was watching her, too, but in a lecherous manner. I slapped his chest. I stood at the door and waved as Iris and Cal pulled out of the driveway. The moon shone brightly over the gardens, casting long, eerie shadows through the flowers. My phone beeped from my purse. I locked the door and armed the security system before grabbing it. Hope you have a nice weekend. Big plans? I double-checked the security system, though, just in case.

I indulged in a long, hot bath, swirling with essential oils Iris had pressed from her own garden, rosemary and geranium and calendula. I soaked until I was as limp as a noodle, with not one thought of my tragic personal and professional lives.

I gave myself a pineapple enzyme facial, pumiced my feet and elbows, and shaved everything worth shaving. By the time I slid into my pajamas, I was smooth and sweet-smelling. I walked into my bedroom and found another text waiting for me. Are you there, Gigi? So, not a wrong number, then. I was ruthless about updating my contacts. Could it be Nik? I would consider that a red flag, trust-wise, but I never needed to call him.

He always just popped up whenever I needed him. A Witchs Handbook of Kisses and Curses. The Undead In My Bed. The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire. Fangs for the Memories. Big Vamp on Campus. Accidental Sire. Peace, Blood, and Understanding. View All. Dating and Other Dangers pdf by Natalie Anderson. Boundaries in dating making dating work pdf by John Townsend.

Vampire Chronicles: Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned pdf by Anne Rice. The Vampire Chronicles Collection: Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned pdf by Anne Rice. Rebound pdf by Noelle August. Rebound pdf by Kwame Alexander.

I left Jamie to figure out what to do with his insane girlfriend. I did, however, file a complaint with Mr. The drive gave me much-needed time to think.

Did that mean one of us had to die? Did it mean we had to give something up, like a prized possession? Surely we could find a way around it.

That was going to be an awkward conversation. I jogged across the lawn and was surprised to find the door unlocked. This was not the reaction I was expecting! As cute as he was, all vulnerable and sleep-tousled, it was weird to see a vampire take a nap. Was Nik ill? Maybe switching back and forth between fugue states was draining his energy?

Was there such a thing as Flintstones chewables for vampires? I thought about waking him up, but the expression on his face was just so cute. He looked innocent and young, like a regular human boyfriend my parents would be downright tickled if I brought home.

Iris was wrong. I could be losing the chance to have children, grow old, live a violence-free life. It was a chance I was willing to take. With my brand-new screen background in place and my phone secured in my bag where I could do no more damage to my reputation as a non-creep , I crawled onto the couch next to Nik and snuggled my head against his chest.

Meaning I will take more pictures, only they will involve putting funny hats and fake mustaches on you. I threw my leg over his hips and straddled him, crossing my arms over his chest and resting my chin on my hands. Wakey wakey! Rolling my eyes, I leaned forward and kissed his mouth. Finally, he stirred, rolling his hips under mine and sliding his hands up my arms. I broke away, grinning down at him. He jumped to his feet in a predatory crouch. I was trapped. With my phone.

And all my weapons. Growling, he lunged at me, and I sidestepped around him. He looped his arm around my neck, dragging me backward. I dropped all of my weight and yanked down on his arm, turning him on my hip and throwing him to the floor.

Unfortunately, he managed to grab me around the waist and drag me down with him. I grunted, shoving the bony edge of my forearm against his throat, keeping him outside biting distance.

I wrapped my leg around his, thrust my hips up, and rolled us so I ended up straddling him. Nik struggled, but I was able to keep him pinned by some miracle of cursed vampire uncoordination. It gave me a precious few seconds to consider my next move.

A loving sacrifice. Could that mean that instead of resisting him, I should submit to the attack? Let him bite me? Would he snap out of it before he drank too much? Would he hurt me beyond healing? His teeth looked so sharp, flashing even in the low light of his parlor.

Would my arm count? I wiggled my arm up his neck and across his mouth, while keeping him pinned. But Nik resisted, working his chin around my wrist to snap up at me. I took a few quick, deep breaths and leaned forward, my face screwed up as his bared fangs loomed closer and closer to my throat. Squealing, I closed the gap, pressing my neck against his mouth.

He sat up, crushing me to his chest. His fangs sank deep, and the pain took my breath away. But there was no turning back now. I focused my thoughts on my feelings for Nik, the love and affection I had for him, and how badly I wanted to help him.

I pictured a life together free of fear, a real life that allowed us to be open with Cal and Iris. Struggling against him, I worked my arm free of his iron grip. I reached back to slap at him or jam my thumb into his eye, but a little voice in my head stopped me in mid-swing. This was the sacrifice.

I slumped against him, my arm falling slack to my side. I was so tired, too tired to keep my arm up. Hell, I was too tired to balance on my knees over Nik. My weight dropped bonelessly against him, and my knee fell forward, hitting him square in the crotch. He flopped back against the couch, dragging me down with him. I landed face-first against his chest but managed to prop myself up on my elbows. His eyes slowly cleared, and he seemed completely confused about why I was on top of him.

Who kicked me? He stood, dragging me with him, sweeping me up. And maybe some psychotherapy. Why the hell would you let me bite you? And a cookie. I let you bite me because I wanted to break the curse.

Do you think it worked? I woke up in a cold, institutional room with an IV hooked up to my arm. And there was a little plate on my nightstand with a chocolate chip cookie. Damn it, Nik had taken me to the hospital. The hospital rooms were painted light blue. And this smelled wrong. Rather than the strong scent of disinfectant, I smelled freshly brewed coffee and new carpet.

Crown walked in, and I actually recoiled in my bed, IV forgotten. He smirked and dropped an outdated copy of People onto my sheets. or until she provides the name of the witch who cursed Mr. For now, she is under house arrest.

Dragomirov did the right thing bringing you here. She took a deep breath and made a visible effort to lower her voice. Have you learned anything from my life? Crown said with a sigh. And everybody saw her running across the lawn in her floral-printed nightgown, flapping in the breeze, and you stopped talking to her for three weeks?

I kept my eyes closed, even as she rested her chin on my shoulder. And you think the reasonable response is to immediately date that vampire. There are differences in your schedule and diet and attitudes toward sex. I mean, every time we have sex. There is a lot of biting. She tipped her head carefully against my shoulder. Rising onto her side, she cradled my cheek in her hand. Who has hurt you? You could have lost custody of me.

You could have been rejected by the few living people in the Hollow we had ties to. Because you loved him—overwhelming, crazy, stupid love, completely free of logic and occasionally pants. I used to watch you guys and think, I want that. With Ben, I liked him a lot, and he made sense, and he was good for me, but there was no. spark, you know?

The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper (2),The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire PDF Details

The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper (2) 2, Vampires have a very strong startle response. Try to stay calm. Imagine you’re working with a nervous cat strapped to a For free novel - read the dangers of dating a rebound vampire by molly harper. Kristine allen read online or view our gospel partners, which begins with benefits by molly harper once an The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper (13) 13, If you did not bring the blood that’s in the office fridge, do not touch the blood that’s in the office fridge. —The The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire PDF book by Molly Harper (Half-Moon Hollow #3) Read Online or Free Download in ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks. Published in March 24th I just couldn’t stand to see the “I told you so” face. “So Cal says, please don’t date that vampire. And you think the reasonable response is to immediately date that vampire.” “Yes.” “So, do The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire. By:"Molly Harper" Published on by Simon and Schuster. Category:"Fiction" In the next book in Molly Harper’s beloved Half Moon ... read more

By this time, the other vampires had trooped into the living room for what I could only assume would be a debriefing. I locked eyes with Nik, who seemed just as confused as Cal and Iris. And I found that I wanted to. She just loved him, and that was enough. You take away a great deal of personal power when you punch someone in the face.

That did sound like Nik. Gaunt and grumpy, Mr. This was not normal vampire behavior. The rapping sounded again, and I opened the curtains to find Nik sitting on the planter box outside my window. I love you as much as any brother could. Not exactly the droids I was looking for. What did you see?